What is the future-proof economic model?

What is the future-proof economic model? by Arvamusfestival


The Global economy has increased ten-fold during past 70 years. The economic model based on technological progress, cheap energy input and mass-scale production has created abundance of material goods and welfare. However, by now this model is compromised – broken the planetary boundaries and led humankind to the verge of social and ecological crisis. How to move on with a better plan? Consumption is the fuel for economy – how will the business do in the post-growth economy? Is circular and bioeconomy the right vehicle? Is it possible really to detach growth from resource consumption? Some socio-economic studies refer to new alternatives. These are crucial issues for politicians, social scientists, economists and entrepreneurs. For all of us.

Moderator: Kristi Saare
Participants: Kristiina Esop (Head of CSR Estonia), Mika Pantzar (Finnish futrist and economist), Mikael Malmaeus (scientist at Swedish Institute of Environment), Tea Danilov (Head of Foresight Centre at the Estonian Parliament)
Organiser: Nordic Council of Ministers´ Office in Estonia (NORDEN)

Discussion took place on 9th of August 2019 in Paide.
The discussion was recorded outdoors where blowing wind and rustling rain add a little flavour.