Claudia Taboada – Self-care is non-negotiable

Claudia Taboada – Self-care is non-negotiable by E.L.U. Podcast • A podcast on Anchor


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Today is my first international episode in English with an amazing woman from Canada. 
She is a former attorney, an author of 2 books, an entrepreneur, a women empowerment coach and motivational speaker, living in Montréal.
Claudia’s important role is being a devoted mom to her two sons Nico and Alex.
Claudia’s passion is self-care, stress resilience and mindset, which she started adapting 18 years ago, when she decided to abandon her law career to care full time for Nico, who had been diagnosed with autism.
Claudia became her son’s teacher, therapist, advocate, specialist, early intervention program manager… In all of this, she LOST her identity. She was burned out, overwhelmed, depressed, and living life on autopilot. One day, Nico was gifted a service dog, which changed her life forever.
Claudia is on a MISSION to EMPOWER overwhelmed and burned out women to become UNSTOPPABLE. 
Tune in to listen to her special framework and practical tips for self-care and stress free life that you can start applying right away!
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Private FB Group for moms and caregivers: Burnout to Unstoppable Moms 
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