Professional sparring partners: On mentoring in the cultural sector

Professional sparring partners: On mentoring in the cultural sector


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“Mentor is a person who by stepping into process of explorations facilitates the journey of the mentee to become a better thinker of their own professional career.”

EAMT cultural management alumni Anna Ranczakowska talks with Visnja Kisic from Creative Mentorship, NGO from Belgrade, Serbia, and Virgo Sillamaa former CEO of Music Estonia, exploring their experiences as mentors, mentees or mentoring facilitators, give us a great advice how to become a great mentor and how to invest your experience and competences into development of others, but how to do it without investing too much of own emotions.

Our guests: Visnja Kisic – practitioner, educator, researcher and activist in the field of heritage, cultural policy and cultural management. Formally engaged in academia teaching in cultural management and policy programs at universities in Novi Sad and Belgrade, as well as Lyon, Casablanca and Beijing. Fan of diverse methods and relations in knowledge sharing and there comes the passion for mentorship. Co-founder of Creative Mentorship program from Serbia.

Virgo Sillamaa – Virgo has worn many hats in the music sector over the past 20 years. Most importantly being a freelance professional musician for 13 years (until 2016), putting a lot of energy into developing music education in Estonia (including writing a music theory handbook in 2015) and building up and managing Music Estonia between 2014-20. Currently coordinating the European Music Exporters Exchange (EMEE) network out of Brussels, guest lecturing on a range of topics, from music policy to career development.

In this episode we also talk about the new Strategic Partnership Project of EAMT Cultural Management MA Program – REMAM, aiming to (re) define mentoring in the arts management. For more information related to the project, please visit