The magic of collaborating in the arts

The magic of collaborating in the arts


In this episode of KultuuriReflektor we talk to art historian and curator Bart Pushaw and arts manager and curator Keiu Krikmann about their recent exhibition projects and how they have found collaborating in countries away from home.

Bart Pushaw is the curator of a project room called Rendering Race as part of the new permanent exhibition Landscapes of Identity: Estonian Art 1700–1945 at KUMU. This is the third time Bart has worked with KUMU and he talks about how he ended up working in the Baltic states and what it has been like collaborating with the team at KUMU.

Keiu Krikmann recently curated an exhibition called Excess and Refusal: Towards Imaginative Opulence at Kim? contemporary art space in Riga. This is the first time Keiu has worked with an institution outside Estonia, and she talks about that experience but also about what led her to arts management in the first place. I also ask her about being part of the team organising the 8th Tallinn Applied Art Triennial, which will open this spring at Kai Art Center.

This episode “The magic of collaborating in the arts” host is EAMT culture management alumni Michael Haagensen.