Creating Green Currency With Beach Collective’s Robert Cobbold

Creating Green Currency With Beach Collective’s Robert Cobbold


It will be a long road to broad adoption of new currency BEACH, but living well should not cost us the planet, said Robert Cobbold, head of operation’s at Beach Collective, a blue circular economy platform behind the token.

“A beach token is a currency which internalizes the health of the planet into every single transaction,” Cobbold said. Most of every transaction cost goes to funding ocean regeneration and climate action.

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“The fact that we’re crypto is more or less irrelevant. We’re just a currency. We’re just another type of money in that same way. It’s all about creating opportunities for people to earn and spend the currency like you’d earn and spend any other currency,” Cobbold said.

“It’s a long journey to gain generalized adoption of a new currency, right? So we have to be honest about how tall the mountain is here.”

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