Tackling the Biggest Opportunity with Matt Ward

Tackling the Biggest Opportunity with Matt Ward


Climate investing and the climate, in general, is the biggest opportunity we’ve ever had, said Matt Ward from early-stage climate investment syndicate 4WARD.VC.

“Either we pull it off and succeed or pretty much we all effing die and go to war, and the world goes to absolute s-h-i-t. So what would you rather bet on? Would you rather bet on humanity being creative, coming up with solutions, and doing the hard thing? Or would you rather bet against humanity?”

“Will we stop climate change? No. Will we fight climate change and try to make the best of worlds that we can and still have something livable? Yes,” Ward said. “My goal with this is, I’m going to make as big of a dent as I can. Whether that is enough or not, I don’t know. But I’m going to aim towards it being enough and being positive on a climate from a world perspective.” 

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