Tapping Into Shift of Wealth to Green Millenials With Raise Green

Tapping Into Shift of Wealth to Green Millenials With Raise Green


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U.S.-based green investment platform Raise Green is looking to drive more capital into climate solutions, boosting entrepreneurship in the sector, said founder and CEO Franz Hochstrasser.

“We take a grassroots approach to climate action — we want more people involved in investing and innovating in this space,” Hochstrasser said.

Millennials’ interest in sustainable investment has continued to increase in the United States despite COVID and reached 99% in a recent Morgan Stanley survey.

“They want real, sustainable investment options that aren’t some greenwash version of the same public equities that their parents had traded. That makes me hopeful: there’s capital going into the hands of younger generations that want to put that capital to work to create an inclusive and accelerated clean energy transition,” Hochstrasser said.

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The equity crowdfunding platform will launch this week its own crowdfunding campaign to tap into the growing demand.

“There are more than 10,000 cities and towns across the US, and every one of them needs 10 or 20, or 100 distributed energy resources installed between now and the next seven years to get to 100% clean energy by 2035,” Hochstrasser said.

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