Stream Tallinn Talks, Episode 3 – Refugees in Estonia by Linnameedia

Stream Tallinn Talks, Episode 3 – Refugees in Estonia by Linnameedia


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published on 2021-08-02T13:41:36Z

In the 3rd episode of the ‘Tallinn Talks’ podcast, we provide you with an overview of the latest city updates, including upcoming Tallinn Old Town Days.

Tallinn Old Town Days or Vanalinna Päevad is a prominent annual culture event acknowledged both in Estonia and abroad. The festival has been held in Tallinn since the late 80s, offering various concerts, exhibitions, theatrical and dance performances, and more. Tallinn Old Town Days celebration is strongly associated with the Estonian Republic regaining its independence for the second time and the renewed Estonian national identity. Take a look at the packed festival program here:

In this episode, we also talk about refugees in Estonia with Anu Viltrop from the Estonian Refugee Council, and manager of the social enterprise Siin & Sääl, Rait Parts. We discuss the history of refugees in Estonia, the main difficulties that they encounter during their adaptation journey, and how the international community of Tallinn can contribute to making the lives of people who came to Estonia, unfortunately not by choice but rather due to tragic circumstances, easier.

Apart from the city news, neither the discussions nor interviews in this podcast series reflect Tallinn City’s official position. The podcast serves as a platform for members of the international community of Tallinn to share their thoughts. We are happy to offer our international residents an opportunity to touch upon subjects that they consider to be important, both from the point of raising awareness and from the desire to contribute to the development of the city of Tallinn.


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