Rethinking the smart city

Rethinking the smart city by Arvamusfestival


We all know what a smart home is, but what exactly is a smart city? Is it green, comfortable or something that evokes memories of a happy childhood? What does it offer to its people and businesses? Smart solutions eliminate traffic jams and parking problems, promoting green transport instead. They also offer effective and creative solutions for energy, water and waste disposal. Smart cities attract companies that think alike, creating a synergy of fresh ideas and people, cooperation and competition. Join us and let’s rethink the city!

Arutelu juht: Rode Luhaäär (CEO & Co-founder at Paytailor)
Osalejad: Teet Raudsep (Ülemiste City), prof. Jarek Kurnitski (TalTechCity), Dr Jacqui Taylor (CEO and co-Founder FlyingBinary, Smart City Tsar), Grete Arro (Tallinn University research fellow)
Korraldaja: Eesti Ettevõtluskõrgkool Mainor

Arutelu toimus 10. augustil Paides. Vabas õhus tehtud salvestusele lisavad värvi tuule puhumine, lehtede kahin ja vihma krabin.